Vethon is equipped with skilled transcribers. Our transcribers are familiar with converting audio/video files into MS word files. Our professionals convert the recorded voice files of a Seminar, Lecture and Interviews into Microsoft Office file as preferred by the client.

We undertake the following two types of transcription tasks:

Linguistics Transcription

The conversion of spoken words into written language

Creative Transcription

Non-legal or non-medical transcription.

Vethon delivers the transcribed files in the following four categories according to the preference of the client and time line fixed, they are:


Verbatim transcription is used when every word and sound in the audio/video record is to be typed

Clean Verbatim

This style is used when every word and sound to be transcribed EXCEPT the fillers, slangs, and false starts


This style is used for clients looking for ready-to-use text, thoroughly edited s with correct grammar

Rough Draft

A rough draft is just that - a transcript that hasn't been proofed or edited in any way

Vethon adopts different tariff and time line in transcription according to client's preference; please ask for a free quote explaining your exact need.

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