Medical Billing/Coding

Vethon has a team consists of experienced AR Analysts and AR Callers. The AR Analyst of Vethon seeks all possibilities to collect the medical bill amount of the patient from the respective insurance companies. Vethon is known for its untiring follow up services in medical billing in collecting the due benefits from the insurance company. Vethon stands strong in this field due to the strong skill sets of its medical billing team, they are:

  • Strictly follows HIPAA guidelines
  • AR Analysis
  • Submitting clean claims to the insurances within the filing limit (both electronic & paper claims)
  • Following up on regular basis with the insurances on submitted claims
  • Analyzing Explanation of Benefits. (Denials, Reduction & Full reimbursement)
  • Filing an appeal of denial within the time frame
  • Flexibility in working in different billing software
  • We get paid when you get paid

Further the AR Analysts of Vethon are capable of adapting themselves to any software and network environment enforced by the Hospital and Insurance sectors. The hospital authorities connected with the patient's medical history finds the services of Vethon; a reliable one, always.

Why choose Vethon

Competitive Pricing, Experienced Medical Billers, Rapid Reimbursement, Increased Revenue, No Maintenance.

Our Mission

To obtain for our clients the full financial reimbursement to which they are legally entitled for services provided to patients, while maintaining the highest level of Quality, Integrity, Compliance, and Ethics.

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